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Peaks and Passages: Celebrating Life Your Way

"Leslie and Sophie" is a heartwarming short film that delves into the unique and unbreakable bond between two friends whose careers have intertwined over the years. Through candid and heartfelt dialogue and shared experiences, the film explores the pivotal role their friendship plays in their professional journeys. As they reflect on the challenges and triumphs they've faced, the narrative beautifully showcases how genuine friendship can serve as a source of inspiration, motivation, and support. 

Available for streaming on TGRtv starting November 8, 2023.

About The Author

stash member Teton Gravity Research

It all began with a dream and a little cash scraped together from fishing in Alaska... Since 1995, we've been an action sports media company committed to fueling progression through our ground-breaking films (37 and counting) and online content.