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How to Splint a Fractured Pelvis in the Backcountry

Unfortunately, in skiing and snowboarding a pelvic fracture is quite possible; it’s one of those things that you hear about and quickly think “wow, that’s terrible. That would never happen to me though.” But the reality is that crashing over rocks or hitting a hidden tree stump are two honest mistakes that we all could find ourselves making, and this injury can be life-threatening. The good news is, it is also very easy to manage until the rescue arrives, so why not be in the know? In this episode of How To, expedition medic Dr. Lucy Obolensky takes us through the steps of temporarily stabilizing a pelvic injury in the back country. She shows us what to look for, how to treat it - first with a pelvic sling, but then improvising with gear that you will have in your pack and how to manage it whilst waiting for the emergency services. As always, we want to emphasize the importance of preparation and safety when entering the back country. The more safety cards you have up your sleeve the better.


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