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Yeti Doc Explores a Hunting Family in the Wild North

Guy Eastman is renewing his family’s lineage. Fifty years after his Grandpa Gordon explored some of North America’s most rugged backcountry, watch grandson Guy roam the same territories first documented by his grandfather. Propelled by the same spirit that drove his grandfather deep into the wild north, Guy pursues a Dall sheep as a means of carrying on the legacy first layed out by his grandfather. Whether you hunt or not, this short documentary from Yeti will inspire you to get out into the wild and reminds us of the intergenerational magic of the outdoors.

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Guy Eastman’s documentary, retracing his grandfather’s wilderness exploration, is a heartwarming tribute to family legacy and the beauty of the outdoors. It’s a must-watch for anyone who appreciates the timeless allure of nature and outdoor adventures. | Please click here here for more information about junk removal services.

It appears that you’re referencing a documentary or a show titled “YETI DOC” that explores a hunting family in the wild north. However, I’m not aware of any specific documentary or show. If “YETI DOC” is a recent production or not widely known, I might not have information about it. rio hondo rv parks

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