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A Media Force In Outdoor Adventure Culture

TGR provides a wide swath of multi-media opportunities to integrate your brand into our online platform. Authenticity is the heart and soul of our business and we ensure your message is organically woven throughout the fabric of our digital ecosystem.

At Teton Gravity Research, we connect with the world’s most dedicated outdoor adventure enthusiasts. offers original stories and video series, amazing photography, TGR films and troves of action sports content contributed by our community members. serves as an authoritative source in the ever-changing new media landscape and we've expanded our focus to biking, culture, surfing, technology and other adventure sports - giving our passionate fans the content they want year-round. The core of what we do is creating deep connections with our audience through our website, social channels, films, tours, and the legendary TGR Forums. Partnering with us helps your brand be part of that fan experience.

We Offer:

  • - Custom Content Creation
  • - High-Impact Takeovers
  • - On-platform & syndicated video distribution network
  • - Beyond-banner Brand Messaging
  • - Social Media Integration
  • - Franchise Partnership Packages
  • - Database Development Programs
  • - Display Advertising
  • - Video Pre-Roll
  • - Mobile Device & Geo-Targeting
  • - Sponsored Editorial
  • - Newsletter Placements
  • - Creative Services
  • - Creative Services

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Download Our 2016 Media Kit (PDF)